How to Write a Photo Essay

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All photographers are storytellers. With every picture they take, they tell the story of a certain momentum and transmit a message to the society. Moreover, storytelling will never be overrated. People are always looking for uniqueness. So, photos are the best tool to surprise them and get a positive reaction. Furthermore, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to create an unforgettable photo essay. This article is going to show which are the top tips to help you write a photo essay to amaze your audience.

How to Write a Photo Essay

  1. Decide on the topic

The best photo essays are the ones where the photographer was totally engaged with. Your audience will immediately notice when the photographer was interested in the topic. Therefore, whether you just want to create a story around a birthday party or a wedding, you should be passionate about the subject. On top of that, if you are not sure which theme you should pick, then you should choose those that you know the best. Don’t overcomplicate your life by choosing topics you cannot handle, especially when you are just building your career as a photographer.

  1. Research your topic and photo subjects

When you want your photos to transmit emotions, you should do detailed research first. For instance, if you will create a photo essay about a wedding, the first step will be to spend time with the groom and bride. Moreover, once you know all the details about the couple, you should also do your research by talking with their family and friends. Thus, you will know even the tiniest details of their relationship and will be able to show their happiness and feelings with your wedding photos. In addition, irrespective of the topic you choose, you should always photograph the persons who catch your eye from the first seconds you see them. You can then play with the light and catch their emotions in your photos.

  1. Shoot all the details

“When creating their photo essays, photographers shouldn’t be shy. Moreover, they shouldn’t make any economy of images. Even though they know they won’t need that specific detail, they should still shoot it. Thus, in case you decide you will change the course of your story, you will be ready with a huge variety of photos taken in different circumstances”, says Amanda Williams, CEO at Write My Paper. When you prepare the material for your photo essay, time is also very important. Therefore, even though it takes time to do your research and photograph all the details, you shouldn’t waste it. This means that when you are at the scene of action, you should photograph even the tiniest details and create the supporting documentation for a photo essay.

  1. Leave your emotions aside

The photo selection is one of the most important actions which will decide the success of your photo essay. Therefore, this is the moment when you should leave self-doubt and criticism aside. Use the best of your objectivity when you select the photos. If you feel it is too complicated to select the photos yourself, you can always ask for an outside opinion. This is how you will see how other people will react to your photo essay. Collecting feedback is the best exercise you could do before choosing the final photos for your essay.

  1. Give your photo essay a title

Once you finished the photo selection and you decide in which order you are going to showcase them, you should also think of a suggestive title. This is one of the first elements your audience will see and have the first idea of your photo essay. Thus, if you feel you don’t have any idea when you start creating your essay, you shouldn’t get discouraged. The title idea will come as soon as everything is ready, and you will have a clear view of the message you want to transmit.

Finally, you shouldn’t be afraid of failure. Not all your photo essays will have the success you want. Even though one essay isn’t very successful, this doesn’t mean that the next one will be the same. The best thing you can do is learn from your mistakes and use your lessons for the next photo essays.