how to write a paper

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how to write a paper

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Find information
    1. Identify the issues related to your topic
    2. Locate books, articles, and reports that give you background information and more
  3. Create and state your thesis
  4. Organize your thoughts and notes
  5. Make an outline
  6. Find more information; this time find content that supports your points
  7. Write your introduction
  8. Write the body of the paper
  9. Write the conclusion of the paper
  10. Set your rough draft aside for a while
    1. Submit your paper to Grammarly, our automated proofreading service.
    2. Submit your paper to the Writing Lab in the Online Tutoring center!
  11. Edit and revise your paper
  12. Hand in your paper

Steps to follow:

How to write a paper
Academics involve the search, education, and communication of knowledge. The credibility, advancement, and prestige of any specialty, program, or person involved in academics is enhanced by the quality of papers published. This occurs in the form of peer-reviewed research, along with observations and wisdom from institutional and private practice. Learning and mentoring medical manuscript writing skills is a process that improves with training and doing. The purpose of this manuscript is to serve as a guide with tips to aide the process of better writing, which may be particularly helpful to those in search of writing skills mentorship.
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How to write a paper

So take a deep breath, relax-and get ready to write a top-notch research paper!
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