how to improve academic writing

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how to improve academic writing

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Last Updated: February 18, 2020

Academic writing involves (1) usage of right sentence structures for clarity in communication; (2) usage of phrases to condense the content and make it lexically denser; and (3) usage of scientific words and expressions wherever necessary. Academic writing skill is…
Academic and scientific writing involves a specific skill set because it requires ideas and arguments to be communicated in a very formal, precise and structured manner. It is important for writers to have genre specific and audience specific knowledge. Furthermore,…

Writing is a skill. It can be developed by practice and active reflection on your strengths and weaknesses in your writing. Where possible, let a colleague read your report and ask for constructive feedback. The Report Checklist may be useful here. Approach someone who you feel is experienced and from whom you can accept feedback. In addition, you should also look at other reports to notice what writers have done well and to consider how you could apply similar structures and conventions to your reports.
Once you are aware of where you need to improve your written communication skills, decide how you will go about improving your writing.