Feature a Product in a Review? That’s an Excellent Opportunity to Build the Connections!

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There is an increasing presence of online shoppers who do not have the time to analyze a product and thus depend on online product reviews to determine the quality and suitability of the product. According to Baynote, consumers are increasingly becoming tech savvy and use online ratings and reviews to make decisions whether to purchase a sandwich toaster, a book or a Tesla. Product reviews are the most influential sources of information for the online customers. The study shows 90% of consumers trust online reviews the same way they believe personal recommendations.

What Is a Product Review Site?

A product review site is a website dedicated to providing honest product reviews. Often, the website performs the inspections after testing the product or seek a third party to write about their experience with a service or a product.  The website is solely for product reviews, but customers can leave comments.

Social Proof

When you last made an online purchase, most likely you read the product review of the customers. Did the shoppers like the product? What is negative about the product? Is the product worth the market value, what about the quality? Product manufacturers will paint an unrealistic picture of the product in efforts to increase the sales. However, fellow shoppers have nothing to lose, and they will unearth all evil.

According to the customer stratification definition essay, the customer seeks social proof before purchasing a good. It is a practice common to human as they rely on the behaviors of others. Social proof influence more significant actions.

Benefits of Product Reviews

The business reputation is important when establishing the company, more so the online status.  Positive reviews mean the customers will trust the product and are more likely going to purchase while a negative review sends the customers to other businesses.

  1. Establish Credibility

A small brand is less visible than a larger brand. A young company should use product reviews to get feedback from the consumers who have used their products or services. An authentic product review sets the foundation for a good relationship with the customer and a repeat of purchases.

  1. Connect the Customers

Product reviews connect customers that share common interests and values. For example, a product review about gym shoes attracts consumers who go to the gym. The report enables the customers to reflect and respond on the content of fellow gym enthusiasts. New customers view the reviewers as experts, and the information can act as a guide for the new customers requiring guidance to purchase products.

  1. A Marketing Strategy

Most businesses are disadvantaged when it comes to marketing. Products reviews can help reduce the cost of marketing by providing positive top notch comments about the product.  It helps to use social media channels, product listings and social media channels for an advertising campaign.

  1. Optimize Your Product

When you monitor product reviews, you may notice customers are mentioning a specific product more than others. The report is an insight into the need to streamline the products into fitting the customers need. Consider using Piperlime.com that offers a template for customers to write on their product reviews and answer question posted by the manufacturer about the product appearance.

  1. Increased Purchases

Product reviews create trust and customer loyalty. The customer depends on the reviews from the customers who have experienced the service to make their purchasing decision. If a product is trustworthy, the client will take a chance on the product. Products with reviews have a high customer conversion rate.

  1. Increase Traffic

We use SEO to create a description of the product, but the information remains static unless the content is changed. Customer reviews on the other hand ad in new information on the company website using the same SEO words or phrases. When a new customer searches for a product, they will be directed to the sites selling the product and the product reviews.  The content from the customer review section is what will trigger the potential customer to visit the website.

Ask Customers to Write Positive Reviews

There are numerous benefits of using customer reviews, but how do we encourage the customer to write a review?

  1. a) Create a product review form on the product page for the customers to include their views. The most effective way is gently asking the customer by sending them an email a week after receiving the product. Incorporate questions to make it easy for the customer.
  2. b) Never assume that since the customer is happy with your service, they will spread the positive message to others. Request the customer to share the product reviews through pictures that contain product tag or by including a number of reviews per customer.
  3. c) An endless stream of positive reviews feel fake, and it is okay to have negative remarks about your product.