Cultural Intelligence

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Cultural Intelligence also known as Cultural Quotient (CQ) means the ability to associate and work in close collaboration with people from different diversities. It’s applicable in a government institution, companies, education and online writing.CQ helps a business grow globally through intense interaction with its customers and employees thus increasing the sales turnover. The presence of an array of culture in a company will optimize individual and group performance. A person with high CQ holds firmly with other colleagues unlike one with lower CQ which takes time.

            The following are the components of CQ:

Head (cognitive):

This involves understanding the behavior and thing of people do vary, also it includes grand cultural design and how people have varied culture.

Emotional CQ:

Means judging others culture by willing to accept their difference and incorporate with existing and understandable learning language to ease communication

Behavioral CQ:

Requires Cognitive and Emotional CQ. Reflects the ability to reveal suitable verbal and non-verbal actions when interacting with people from different diversities.


These statements reflect various facets of cultural intelligence. For each set add up your scores and divide by four to produce an average. The work with large groups of managers shows that for purposes of own culture to improve communication. An average of less than three would indicate an area calling for improvement, while an average of greater than 4.5 reflects a real CQ strength according to Christopher & Elaine.

Leaders CQ can improve through a well understanding of the Head, Body, and Heart. A newcomer in particular company needs to learn about beliefs, culture, and taboos of fellow workers. Head of a particular company needs to formulate strategies to enter and cope with a new culture. Furthermore, a leader should show a willingness to accept and interact with a new diversity for a natural corporation with those beneath his/her authority.