Six Not-So-Obvious Ways to Monetize Your Blog

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Most people wonder how a person can live off a blog. No one blames you for it is pure thought. A blog in the past was more of a private diary until recently when blogs became a source of livelihood for bloggers.  Do you know some bloggers earn more than executives?

A good example is Michelle Schroeder who publicly announces her monthly income. Michelle made $113,235 in July 2018 just from blogging. It is not as simple as writing your experiences it requires hard work.

There is no need for a million page views every month for you to make money out of your content. There some bloggers who make decent money, not from the highest traffic it depends on what your focus on making money is on.

  1. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a paid blog post that you include a link to the website in your content.  The paid blogs can be in the form of:

  • Guest blog post
  • Sidebar link
  • A newsletter advertisement
  • Or a sponsored link

However, it should not be a long-term strategy. It might seem an easy way to make money as you only mention the company or someone who paid for the advert or including external links and getting free content; however, it makes your blog spam.  Spam content is a turn-off for the readers as they are not in need of other people’s post. The practice can make you get a penalty from Google, and the blog will get a low DA, and you lose an opportunity to rank in any of Google posts.

  1. Social Media Promotion

Companies pay influential bloggers to take over the company Instagram and Twitter account in efforts to gain more followers. The takeover is a credible way of making a lot of money.  It is also an enjoyable means of earning money. Your role will be working on the social media accounts and trying to drive more traffic to the companies and attain a high conversion rate. Other opportunities include placing hashtags and advertisement products on your feed. There are many ways of making money on social media it is your responsibility to pick what you like.

Instagram marketing is considered different from other social media promotion sites. Instagram is more visual than Facebook or Twitter, and the users often do not read captions. Post aesthetic photos related to your blog or the company you marketing for and get paid.

  1. 3. EmailMarketing

Entice your readers, make them subscribe to your email list by offering gifts and including great content. Marketing your email list is the best way to earn money. How does this help in monetizing your blog? Launching an online course, publishing an eBook or offering consulting services will keep your subscribers in-the-know. Once your subscribers are the first people to know of your new venture, be sure you have access to a lot of individuals. Use available email service such as Constant Contact. Constant Contact is a 60-day email marketing editorial service that enables you to share a professional email with customers within minutes.

  1. 4. AffiliateMarketing

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is an incoming generating activity where the blogger places an affiliate link in their blog post.  For every time customers buy a product or service through the link; the blogger makes the commission. It is an easy way of making money for you can recommend your favorite products and comment on what you love without being dependent on sponsors. Popular affiliate networks include:

  1. 5. Advertising

How it works:

  • Sell the ad space to advertising agencies directly
  • Work collaboratively with the advertising agency to provide ads for your blog

When you are new to blogging, your website is not known and approaching the advertising agencies will be very difficult. Selling ads directly is only possible for the sites that have large audible followers that is established brands.  The advertising agency will find ads for you others will be readily made and others you will have to create good content. If you are working with, make use of the Word Ads and get to work with big publishers like Google, AdSense, Facebook, and Amazon A9.

  1. 6. SellYourProduct or Service

The safest way to make money from a blog is selling a product to your customers. Develop a product or service and let the customers buy it directly from you. Use WooCommerce or simple Payments. Sell services such as:

  • Consulting sessions
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Social media takeovers
  • And copywriting

For you to gather a large audience, you need to incorporate fun, meaningful and authentic activities in your blog. Do not focus on blog writing only, engage the audience in a particular event like Janet’s Flying GoPro story and watch your blog going viral.