Channel and Brand Images

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Recognition of the brand is the principal asset of the company and in marketing, both the brand and channel images have vital roles in the determination of the brand or product success. The channel image via which the product is traded will have an effect on the image of the brand in the market.

This is especially true for the product of high quality that has an upscale image. With goods seen as high-end, the channel image is specifically crucial. If the customers begin to view a particular product with such image being retailed in places with a tarnished image, they will start viewing it as inferior. If the consistent is present in marketing across all channels, it is easy for customers to recognize any given brand over time. The packaging of the company must be present in commercials, for instance, because individuals will be able to see the commercials and identify the brand in the event they spot it in the store.

The consistent message will enable customers to get the information from a wide range of outlets such as traditional advertising and social media. For example in the fast food industry, products do not reach customer before initially going through a chain comprised of farmers, exporters, importers, distributors, and retailers.

On the other hand, has created a strong, excellent characteristic and perception of their products especially books among their customers while at the same time using outstanding channel image. The channel image of dealership is an essential component of the company value delivery network. bookselling is a complex process with different classes, service options, prices and a limited profitable target market. This way, the company has gone from most of the online and offline book marketers.